Veranstaltungshinweis: Agri-PV: Harvesting the Opportunities of Solar+Farming

Veranstaltungshinweis: Agri-PV: Harvesting the Opportunities of Solar+Farming

with Tamara Bretzel (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)), Sascha Krause-Tünker (Next2Sun) on 30 August 2022, 11:00 CEST.

This Solarplaza webinar will help you get the lay of the land of the Agri-PV solar segment. Over the course of one hour, we’ll provide a broad overview of the concept, its development, and the many opportunities unlocked by Agri-PV applications. The webinar will be hosted in collaboration with Next2Sun and the Fraunhofer Institute, which has been the original pioneer of agrivoltaics since the early 1980s. Together, we’ll dig into:

  • A brief history on how the concept was originated and put into practice
  • The role Agri-PV can play in combatting some of the most crucial challenges of the energy transition
  • How Agri-PV can make agriculture more sustainable and climate-resilient
  • The range of agricultural activities that are compatible with agrivoltaics
  • The main differences between Agri-PV installations and conventional installations, in terms of economics and development considerations
  • Outcomes of recent research on agricultural activities and community acceptance
  • Examples of successful agrivoltaic installations

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