International Alliance for solar energy and water

The International Alliance for solar energy and water is a consortium of associations of companies in the solar energy and water sector together with universities in the fields of renewable energy and water engineering, management, urban planning, agriculture and horticulture, hydrology. Active since 2015 it organizes international workshops and conferences on the subjects of renewable energies, with focus on solar energy and water supply with focus on drinking water, but also water re-use for irrigation.  In our activities, an interdisciplinary nexus approach is followed, mostly combining the issues of water, energy food, economy and society (WEF+), which form the basis for various research, implementation and education project activities with African countries, including Sub-Saharan Africa, Arab countries (MENA, WANA) as well as countries in Asia (e.g. India, Indonesia) and the Caribbean.

Active collaborations exist with numerous universities in more than 15 countries, as well as with companies and NGOs.

There are cooperations and projects with Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, Benin, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, India, Indonesia, Haiti.